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Who can participate?

All students, faculty, and staff who are members of the Student Recreation Center. Faculty and staff who are not members are able to purchase Intramural Sport Passes for $25.

Does it cost to participate in Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports fee is $20 for all major sports. Most single day tournaments are free.  

What sports do you offer?

Intramural Sports offers a variety of sports. We have traditional sports like basketball, indoor and outdoor soccer, flag football, volleyball and softball. Non-traditional sports like table tennis, badminton, and dodge ball. 

How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the "REGISTER NOW" link above.

What is the difference between CoRec and Open leagues?

CoRec leagues have a required amount of men to women ratio; a certain number of males and females must be present and participating. Open leagues are for everyone and do not contain gender requirements or restrictions.

Do I need to attend the captain's meeting?

To secure your team’s spot in the league the captain must attend the meeting. If the captain absolutely cannot attend the meeting, they may appoint a representative to attend the meeting in their place. Either way, a representative from each team needs to be present at the captain’s meeting for their team to be approved.

What kind of information is discussed in the meeting?

The information discussed at the meetings is pertinent for every team to know. Policies, rules, updates and structure will be discussed at the meeting as well as a question and answer session (should you have any additional questions).

I want to play, but I don't have a team to play on. Can I still register?

Yes. You can sign-up as a Free Agent by selecting the option for your specific sport on IMLeagues and registering online. 

I registered as a free agent, how do I get on a team?

Free agents will need to contact team captains on IM Leagues. Teams will have a blue icon "Free Agents wanted" meaning they are looking for players. If you cannot find a team or there are, enough free agents to create an entire team someone from Intramural Sports will contact you. 

How do I add players to my team? Is there a deadline?

The captain of the team can add players through IM leagues. You may add players to your roster until your final regular-season game. Once playoffs start, your roster will be frozen and you cannot add more players. In addition, players cannot be removed from your roster who have already played in a game without a medical or doctor’s note. *Players must play in a minimum of 2 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.

What does the sportsmanship rating mean?

The Sportsmanship rating is between 1 and 5 and is how the officials and supervisors rate your level of sportsmanship throughout the game. The rating criteria includes but is not limited to: the team’s reaction to calls, attitude towards their opponents and officials. A full description of the sportsmanship rating breakdown can be found in the IM Sports Handbook. Teams must average a minimum of a 3.0 sportsmanship rating throughout the season to be eligible for playoffs.

How do I get my schedule including who I am playing next?

The most accurate schedule will be posted on the website or you can download the REC*IT app and have your schedule at your fingertips!

What if my team cannot make it to our game, who do I contact?

You will need to contact the Intramural Sports Coordinator via email or phone

What are the locations of the games?

Indoor games will be played in the Student Recreation Center West basketball courts, table tennis area next to the track, and the Play Field next to the South gym.

Do I need to wear a jersey for my game?

If your team does not have enough players by game time, your team will have to forfeit resulting in the opposing team getting a automatic win. We schedule games every hour and this policy ensures games start on time

What does game time=forfeit time mean?

If your team does not have enough players by game time, your team will have to forfeit resulting in the opposing team getting a automatic win. We schedule games every hour and this policy ensures games start on time.

What is a Late Game?

The late game gives the team an additional 5 minutes to obtain enough players. Every team is given 1 late game per season to use if they do not have the legal number of players to start the game. *We recommend teams use their late games during playoffs.

How do I apply to work for Intramural Sports?

At the beginning of the semester, employment opportunities for Intramural Sports will be post via social media. Applications are found by clicking on the following link. Apply Here

During playoffs will I have to play outside my regular game times?

There is a possibility you will. With every team making the playoffs, we schedule teams based on record and strength of competition. Teams with higher seeds will always play at their regular season game times. 

Where can I find the rules?

Rules for every sport are found by clicking the link above to the Handbook and Sport Rules.