Principal Investigator (PI) Handbook

The Principal Investigator (PI) Handbook replaces the Foundation’s Project Director’s Policy and Procedures Handbook.  It is used as a guideline for University and Auxiliary/Foundation PIs/Project Directors and their staff in the administration of grants and contracts.

Below is the entire PI Handbook broken up into easy to navigate sections.  Please first click on the Table of Contents link to see where necessary information is located in the Handbook, and then click on the corresponding section link to download your content.

Section Page Numbers
Title Page and Table of Contents i - iv
Introduction Letter I-1 - I-4
Pre-Award II-1 - II-19
Quick Reference Guide - Post-Award Administration III-1
Post-Award IV-1 - IV-57
Human Resources V-1 - V-18
Attachments VI-1 - VIII-5


The Principal Investigator Handbook is updated on a periodic basis.  Comments/suggestions regarding the PI Handbook may be submitted to: