Dining Services Contact Info

Office Telephone:

  • (559) 278-3904


  • 5200 N. Campus Dr.
    Fresno, CA 93740-8017
    Campus Mail Stop:
    RD 38

Dining Services Administrative Office Hours

  • 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Resident Meal Plan Options

There are five (5) meal plan options to choose from for our residents depending upon their needs. 

19 Meal Plan

The 19 plan provides a busy student with every meal each week. There are 19 meals offered every week, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Sunday.

14 Meal Plan

This plan provides 14 meals per week and also the flexibility to eat elsewhere. It is up to the student which meals they eat. In the Fall semester, the 14 Meal Plan averages 233 meals and the Spring semester averages 228.

14 Flex Meal Plan

This plan is the same as the standard 14 Meal Plan, but in addition it provides $125 of flex cash per semester on the Bulldog Card which can be used at any Dining Services concept on campus (except for bulldogbites).  

10 Flex Meal Plan

This plan is perfect if you have a hectic schedule. The 10 Flex Meal Plan allows you to eat 10 of the 19 meals at the Dining Hall. You will also receive $125 per semester on the Bulldog Card. This way you can eat at the Dining Hall when you have time, or just grab something quick at any other Dining Services concept (except bulldogbites). The Fall semester averages 176 meals and Spring semester averages 170.

7 Meal Plan **

The 7 Meal Plan allows you to eat seven (7) meals in the Dining Hall each week. It is your choice which seven (7) meals you eat! The Fall semester averages 117 and Spring semester averages 115.

**This plan is for returning residents only who lived in University Courtyard the prior academic year.


One (1) meal may be used per meal period, and each student must use his/her own card. If the card is used in an unauthorized manner, it will be held for the student in the Bulldog Card Office and there is a $25 fee to have it returned. If the card is lost, the student is provided with meal passes for three (3) days while the card is being located. Thereafter, the student must purchase a replacement card. Passes are issued Monday through Friday between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm from the Dining Services Office.

Guest Meals

University Courtyard residents with a 14, 14-Flex, or 19 meal plan will be allowed to use up to 20 meals for guests per semester.   Residents with a 7 or 10-Flex meal plan will be allowed up to 10 guest meals per semester. Guest meals will be deducted from the total number of meals available. Students must present their Bulldog Card (campus ID). In order for the guest to be admitted, the guest must be accompanied with the resident.