University Dining Hall

Dining Services is now offering detailed menu and nutritional information using the CBORD NetNutrition® system.

This new site is a work in progress. Currently, nutritional information is available for daily items. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner information will be added in the future. "PHASE 2" is coming in Spring 2019.

NetNutrition® can assist you in making wise choices to meet your nutritional goals. You will find this tool helpful to:

  • View menu offerings.
  • Identify and select well-balanced meals.
  • View the nutritional content and ingredients of your food choices.
  • Filter out foods containing allergens/intolerances.
  • Select preferences for specific types of diets such as vegetarian, vegan.

Open NetNutrition

We're still working on adding menu and nutritional information to NetNutrition. See below for menus not yet added to NetNutrition.

Thank you.

University Dining Hall menu for week of:

May 05 - May 11

May 12 - May 18